AUstralia/New Zealand

Re-Cone Kit

Overcompensating Motor Structure for Increased Magnetic Strength.12mm T-Yoke & Top Plate Improve Low Frequency Dynamics. Vented T-Yoke & Frame Reduces Voice Coil Heat Build-up. Pressed Aluminum Heatsink Dust Cap Absorbs Voice Coil Heat. Aluminum Dust Cap Fins Dissipate Heat & Strengthen Cone. Non-Magnetic Non-Resonate Die-Cast Aluminum Frame. 2.5” 4-Layer Voice Coil w/ Large Gauge Wire Increases Power Handling. High-Temperature Tollerance Adhesives Resist Thermal Failure. Nickel Plated 8ga Spring-Loaed Compression Wire Terminals. Non-Transfer Spruce Pulp Cone w/ UV & Chemical Protection. High Density Polyether Foam Surround w/ UV & Chemical Protection. Dual Poly-Cotton Suspension Dampen Violent Accelerations. Stitched Voice Coil Leads Prevent Potential Damage. 1-pc Gasket/Trim Ring w/ Concealed Mounting Holes Included.

It is that time again. 
Time for Tarantula subwoofers to evolve... Over the years,the Tarantula subs have encountered many changes. For 2012, we are gettingback to basics. No foo-foo, pretty parts that have no performance value. T7 isall about performance, period. From the High BL motor, to the heat extractingaluminum dust cap, to the lumpy cone, all the parts make sense and havea purpose. So, if you want to pay extra money for a pretty chrome or plasticshrouded woofer, go to the swap meet. If you want your money to pay for sheerperformance, T7 is for you…