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After years of large capacitors being on the market, they still remain a mystery to many… Often called a “power cap” or “stiffening cap”, some people prefer caps over adding a second battery and vice versa. So, which product is a smarter choice? NEITHER! A second battery is a great option for high power systems, but should be accompanied by an upgraded alternator that can efficiently charge both batteries. This can get really expensive. A capacitor is similar to a battery but can charge and discharge in a fraction of a second depending on size. The cap has the ability to empty itself almost instantly on transient notes in music material. However, it does not have the stamina that a battery has and is not an equivalent substitute.
The ultimate option is of course both. Reinforce the power system with a stiffening cap, and back up the capacity with a dry cell highly capable high discharge battery and large gauge quality cable between the two.
This is an absolute must for any serious audio system over 1000WATTS RMS to maximise amplifier capability and reduce the risk of clipping or other speaker fatigue that can result from low voltages.