AUstralia/New Zealand

To support the heart stopping power of a Soundstream subwoofer, you need an enclosure strong enough to house the monster and with the right tuning to really let it breathe deep. All our heavy duty enclosures boast a 25mm thick sidewall for rigidity and strength, while our custom form-fit enclosures for VY/VZ Commodore make the most of the cavity behind th drivers seat.


An installation of increased audio power and bass on any scale is going to create vibrations in your vehicle. The added sound energy will move into panels and the chassis as vibration and create noises outside the intended audio delivery spectrum.

Soundstream Deathmat material both absorbs unwanted energy vibrations in panels and returns that energy to you as audible music, as well as insulating you against external cabin sound such as road and engine noise.

Deathmat is a must for any audio system for increased performance and sound satisfaction.

With Deathmat

SOund Deadening Material

Without Deathmat




Subwoofer enclosures Exclusive to aus/nz